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Akwood is a modern woodworking company. Production is located in the Barnaul city, Altai Territory. The main specialization is the development and production of wood products. Including contract manufacturing under the own brand of the customer. The company introduced lean manufacturing.

We work on the principles of wastelessness and environmental friendliness. This allows you to create products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. The company produces kitchenware, for homes, bars and restaurants, kits for games and creations. Individual segments are gifts for business, wooden packaging, home decor, small architects.

Our partners include retail chains, retail outlets, advertising agencies from various regions of Russia. A large part of the catalog is suitable for personalization and branding. Our own fleet of equipment allows you to perform the following methods of applying images: laser engraving, UV printing, pad printing, decoupage, and art painting.

We mark the quality of our products with the registered trademark Akwood. This means that the product is of high quality, produced by specialists of our company. Made in Altai from local raw materials. View product catalog. We carefully pack the finished products and prepare them for shipment to the customer.

Delivery is available for customers. Geography of supplies: all settlements of the Russian Federation. We are responsible for the quality of packaging and organization of delivery. The customer receives his order safe and sound. At the best time and at the best price. We take into account your wishes on the choice of the transport company.

What do we produce and offer?

Conditionally products can be divided into categories:

  •  "For the kitchen" - dishes made of natural wood, ethnic kitchen utensils (rolling pins, mugs, honey spoons);
  • "Home decor" - surprising guests with its functionality, original coasters for drinks; willow basket (Altai analogue of rattan);
  • "Games and creativity" - sets of figures for assembly and decoration; feeders, birdhouses, board games. The joint process fascinates both adults and children;
  • "Office" - if it is cozy at home, let it be cozy and at work. Various models of organizers, stands, watches made of wood. "Packaging for gifts." Allows you to emphasize the value of the gift and a special relationship to the person.                                                                                                                                                               
    And these are just a few groups of eco products.

Стенд Akwood
Наш цех про производству деревянных изделий

 What does environmental friendliness mean?

1. Naturalness (genuineness).

2. That which purifies nature. Made from what is thoughtlessly thrown away.

3. Conforms to the spirit of nature. That which returns a person to the sources, to the natural and genuine.

Modern rhythm tires. We all need rest, recuperation. Nature naturally restores us. That is why the places of Altai and the products produced here are so attractive. We are often told that people experience joy and peace from natural wood products brought from Altai.

The demand for eco-products is growing every year. Formed a separate category "eco gifts". A special place in it is occupied by wood products. When presenting Akwood® products as a gift, we give natural ecology, a piece of nature and the spirit of Altai.Maybe it is the reason why our products are highly valued by residents of our country and abroad.

Where do our products find application?

Here are a few examples: New Year sets in wooden boxes for a bank, eco gifts for employees of the federal cellular network, sets for games and creativity for clients of building companies, branded organizers for partners of an international IT company, branded bath sets for a Russian agricultural producer, sets of Christmas gifts and souvenirs for clients of a Moscow advertising agency ...The product range is quite large and constantly expanding. Everything that we produce has practical application. Each product name is created to give you joy, take care of your health and mood.

All these factors correspond to the philosophy of our company, our production and products.


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